Personalised jewellery in 14kt recycled gold, handmade in Belgium.

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Blog Story : Our supermoms

Tatyana Beloy

All moms are super moms!
Tatyana recently became a mother to her first son "Wolfie". Motherhood means being vulnerable, but for her it is the most beautiful thing there is. "All moms are super moms!" And she is right.
The unique thing about Supermom is that the jewels tell a story and are actually an ode to all mothers. Since Wolfie is still in the "I reach for everything I see" phase, Tatyana has opted for a signet ring with the letter "W" engraved on it. This way no accidents happen and she always has Wolfie close to her.

Tatyana's jewellery

Earrings with rectangular plate
263,00 525,00 
Signet ring with oval surface

Kim van Oncen

"I'm a real lion mama, super sweet but don't touch them."
Kim has a super mom as a mom and will undoubtedly continue that tradition. "If there is 1 supermom now, it is mine." In addition to feeling safe, she also finds it important that her children are given the space to discover the world in their own way and thus get to know themselves.
The nice thing about Supermom is that you can personalize the jewelry so that the collection radiates a special energy and class. Kim only wears jewelry with emotional meaning and she wears it day in and day out, making them a real part of her.

Kim's jewellery

Mini charm star

Elisa Guarraci

"Being a mother is meeting yourself a hundred thousand and once a day"
Elisa is the proud mom of Ennio and Emilia. As a super mom she is very involved and she thinks it is important to make her children feel safe and warm. The balance at home is already good because Emilia teaches her to take a lighter life and Ennio keeps her feet on the ground.
The jewelry she wears always has a certain value and says something about her or the relationship with her loved ones. She wears the birthstones of her children integrated into the designs and has found her match made in heaven. Who knows, your gift might one day become a crown jewel of the family.

Elisa's jewellery

Creole earrings
95,00 190,00 
Bracelet oval with cable chain
Pendant classic oval with ball chain edge